Our Sister Agency: Freedom Home Care

Before you learn about why Freedom at Home was created, it's important to note first how our sister agency Freedom Home Care, a Medicare-certified medical home health service, came to fruition: 

 Marcia Matthews established Freedom Home Care in 2006 as a result of working for a few years in the home health care industry and realizing that often the personal connection with each client was lost in the interest of seeing as many clients as possible each day. Marcia decided that she would open an agency that truly benefits the patient by making the patient—as s/he rightfully deserves to be—the most important component and driving factor in how Freedom Home Care operates. Marcia wanted to bear the responsibility and make the decisions that are in the best interest of each and every patient—every single day.

Freedom at Home's Creation

During the summer of 2015, Marcia partnered with her husband, Brian to open Freedom Home Care’s sister agency: Freedom at Home.  Since 2008, Freedom Home Care had been referring medical home health patients elsewhere to receive non-medical services.  We realized that since we had already established a positive, trusting relationship with our medical patients, it simply made sense for us to also provide the additional non-medical care they were seeking.  Alas, Freedom at Home was born!

Marcia Matthews


Marcia, who was born in McKeesport and raised in North Huntingdon, has been a Registered Nurse since 2004 and has spent the past 12 years dedicating both herself and her company, Freedom Home Care, to helping others.  


Ever since she was a child, Marcia has always been drawn to older people because she believes that behind those aged, tired eyes there is so much knowledge and wisdom.  She wholeheartedly believes there is a place in this world for seniors, yet realizes that they’re often overlooked because today's society is not designed for them.  Marcia didn’t want to continue that startling trend, but instead decided to embrace seniors and learn from them, so she decided to pursue nursing as a career after a brief stint as an accountant.  Though she enjoyed her accounting work, she yearned for something more personally fulfilling and began nursing school in 2002. 


Following graduation in 2004, Marcia began her RN career at Jefferson Hospital and after the requisite 2-year period, began working for a home health care company.  It was during this time that Marcia realized that based on company policy, patients needs—including their receipt of an appropriate amount of time and attention—were not being fully met.  Marcia thought, "well, there’s an easier way to do this that truly benefits the patient. Let’s make the patient—as s/he rightfully deserves to be—the most important component and driving factor in healthcare." Marcia wanted to bear the responsibility and make the decisions that were in the best interest of each and every patient. With that mindset, that is why in 2008 she started Freedom Home Care, whose goal for the patients is to maintain their freedom and independence at home, for as long as Freedom Home Care's skilled nurses and speech, occupational, and physical therapists could help to keep them there.   


Freedom Home Care's sole focus is treating its nurses, employees, and, most importantly, its patients with kindness, care, and compassion.


Marcia always puts her patients—and now her clients—first because people simply need someone to empathize with them, listen to them, and take good care of them.


Therefore, it simply made good sense to open a sister agency that could continue and sometimes augment the care that Freedom Home Care provides.  Alas, Freedom at Home was born in 2015, designed to provide caregiving services to aging adults who need an extra hand completing daily tasks thereby keeping them safe and in the place that they know and love for longer than if they were on their own.


Marcia's extensive experience with opening and subsequently running her own Medicare-certified home health agency truly assisted her ability to create Freedom at Home.  Her grasp of the PA Health Department requirements translated seamlessly into setting up Freedom at Home.  Without Marcia's guidance and know-how, Freedom at Home could not have possibly been as successful as it has been.


Ultimately, Marcia's love of older people's insights transformed into the love of helping aging adults to remain happy, healthy, and independent in their homes.  What better way to honor and respect the elders of our community!

Brian Matthews


Brian, who was born and raised in Castle Shannon, developed a work ethic relatively  early in life.  His first job at the rather young age of 13 was assisting people who lived in and around his neighborhood by mowing their lawns.


Brian continued his career in the service industry and honed his hardworking tendencies when he secured a job as a stock clerk at a local grocery store while still in high school.  Following graduation, Brian began working at the BreadWorks Bakery on the Northside as a driver.  


Due to hard work throughout his first five years there, Brian worked his way up to Assistant Supervisor in 1994.  In 1995, he was promoted again to Driver Supervisor, a position he held for 20 years.  His main focus and responsibilities were Customer and Driver Scheduling.


Throughout his employ at the BreadWorks, Brian served on the Customer Service Committee and the Sales & Safety Committee.  


Brian retired after 25 years with the BreadWorks and began handling the books and payroll for Freedom Home Care.


Once the decision was made to open Freedom at Home, it was a natural decision to make Brian a Managing Partner based on his extensive experience with scheduling, customer service, sales and safety, all of which have been integral in launching Freedom at Home. 


Brian expects a lot from Freedom at Home caregivers because he, himself, has worked hard all of his life and he knows the satisfaction that results from doing so.  Brian always strives to do his best for both the caregivers and clients; he makes sure that those he supervises know that they are appreciated and supported, while also letting the clients know that their specific needs are being met by a qualified, extensively-trained caregiver.  


Brian, who serves as Freedom at Home's Scheduling & Employment Coordinator, is also the point of contact for anyone who initially calls the office for more information and/or to schedule a Care Consult. 




Contact Us: ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​(724) 969-6983    /    Office Hours:  Monday - Friday   8:15 AM - 4:45 PM     /    freedomathomeinfo@gmail.com

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